6 Cost-Effective Last Minute Tips To Add Value To Your Home

As a nation, we are obsessed with property. We pore over stories about house prices and love to speculate about how much our neighbours spent on their extension. But first we will look at ways to boost the value of your own home without spending a fortune. 

  1. Hang mirrors for as little as £120 and add up to £1,000 in value

    Hanging mirrors can instantly boost the size of your house, creating the illusion of space by projecting more light across the room. It works particularly well in cramped hallways and pokey living rooms, especially if adding a skylight isn’t an option for you. Hanging mirrors opposite windows tricks the eye into thinking there is another window there and maximises the impact of natural lighting.

  2. Modernise kitchen costs £22 and adds £15,415 in value to your home

    Many buyers are on the lookout for a good-looking kitchen so it’s well worth freshening up the one in your home. You don’t have to spend thousands replacing the one you’ve got either. Discounters like B&M sell self-adhesive film than can be stuck onto existing surfaces, such as work-tops and cupboard doors.
    An 2-metre oak laminate roll will set you back £10.50 from Ebay, while a 2-meter marble one costs £12.99 for the work-tops. Replace you current cupboard handles with these copper finish ones from Ebay for £3.51 each – then you could boost your house price by up to 5 per cent.
    On an average home that costs £323,530 (according to Rightmove) that’s another £15,415 by only spending £22.

  3. Paint your front door for £90 and add up to £1,000 in value

    Your front door is crucial to hooking in potential buyers and for your kerb appeal, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Property developers reckons that giving your front door a lick of paint could add up to £1,000 onto the value of your home.
    Estate agents often say that the front door often indicates the condition of the whole property. Dark blue, black or red coloured doors are sure to impress viewers, while “yellow, green and above all brown are a no-no”.

  4. Get planning permission for free and add up to £5,000 in value

    It’s no secret that converting rooms and adding extensions adds value to your property – but already having the planning permissions is something buyers may be willing to pay more for. It can take local authorities up to 16 weeks to decide on planning applications, and that’s without having to resubmit plans that include changes.
    That’s why some buyers will pay over the odds for a property that already comes with the right building permissions.

  5. Neaten up outside for £1,100 and add £6,165 in value

    Property expert Sarah Beaney has said on many occasion that sprucing up the outside of your home is a must if you want to get the maximum price.
    Make sure all plants and the lawn are well-tended, and tidy up the exterior of your property so it looks its best – no one wants to buy a house with peeling exterior paintwork and weed-strewn paths.

  6. Name your house for free and add £5,000 in value

    Telly’s property guru, Phil Spencer, reckons that by ditching your house number in favour of a name could boost your house price by £5,000. Of course this applies to those of us who don’t live on an estate.
    The Location, Location, Location presenter told the Mail Online that regal sounding names that feature words like “crown”, “estate” or “royal” such as Crown Cottage are popular among buyers.
    Similarly, names like Harvest Lodge or Owl Corner paints a more romantic and rural picture and can add some serious value to your home.
    You’ll need to let Royal Mail and the council know about the name change which is normally free, although some councils do charge a fee of around £40.

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