What Is Property Deck?

Property Deck is a property marketplace. We help property buyers and sellers find and work with the best estate agencies, conveyancers and mortgage advisers in their wider local area. Agents, conveyancers and mortgage advisers use it to find great customers, broaden their coverage, win more instructions and grow their online reputation.  In short, we help property buyers and sellers to get the best possible service, save money, find the right assistance and reduce the stress of selling as much as possible. 


Buyers & Sellers

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Estate Agents


We Save You 12 Hours Of Research

We intelligently use data and customer reviews to match you with local agents, conveyancers and mortgage advisers who have a proven track record with properties just like yours. We firmly believe that by matching you with the right assistance, you can sell your home for tens of thousands of pounds more and reduce the stress involved in the process.

Why Property Deck?

We Put Trust & Integrity At The Heart Of Our Property Marketplace

Always Transparent

We practice and believe in transparency and promote clarity on our platform. We publish each estate agency’s data and customer reviews to highlight those that consistently go the extra mile to deliver a great service.

We Support Small Agencies

We champion small, independent estate agencies, conveyancers and mortgage brokers because we think they care more than the larger property brands. We support them, so they can use their advantages over those bigger firms.

Honesty Is Absolute

We believe that relationships are more productive when we’re clear and honest about what we want upfront, and what we can do. A relationship with clarity leads to a better outcome for all.

Why We Do What We Do

Let’s face it, money doesn’t come easy. You work damn hard for it. The average person does not get to benefit from many ‘windfalls’ in their lifetime, but buying and selling a property is one of them. So we are here to help you buy and sell for the best price, with the least stress, it’s that simple.

Property Deck = Best Price + Less Stress

Our Values

We started Property Deck to change the current transaction process in the UK’s property market for the better, by making it. ore transparent and giving it clarity. We’re genuinely in this to make buyers and seller’s lives easier and to equip estate agents, conveyancers and mortgage advisers with an innovative tool to enable them to grow their business. We truly believe that our platform and approach will disrupt the property market and go some way to making the world a better place by changing the way people buy and sell their most important asset, their home.


A Force For Good

We do things that have a positive impact and empower others


We’re self-starters, with bold ideas and know we have lots to learn from others.


We’re determined to make the biggest impact and quickly.


We have an insatiable hunger to improve ourselves and our product.

Clear and Simple

We strive to be clear and simple. Confusion lies in complexity.

Our Founders

Tinashe Wamambo, Co-founder

A software engineer by trade. Experienced at building technology, products and teams at companies in the tech arena.

Matt Walsh, Co-founder

A HR director turned entrepreneur. Co-founded Property Deck and drives the company’s mission to make buying and selling property less stressful.

Our Philosophy

We imagine a world where finding and working with the best estate agencies, conveyancers and mortgage advisers is as easy as calling an Uber or ordering a pizza!

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