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We ❤️  estate agents. Property Deck champions estate agents,
and our mission is to connect buyers/sellers with estate agents throughout the UK

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Sell more property. Grow your instructions. Expand your agency.

We only notify you once a vendor is ready to go to market, allowing you to submit a bespoke proposal enticing the vendor to do business with you. Additionally, we provide you with fresh and motivated buyers including their ideal home specifications and personal preferences, allowing you to sell quicker and more efficiently.

If you believe in a personalised service for buyers/sellers, and are looking for ways to scale and expand your business, we welcome you to partner with us!

Why Partner With Us?

Boost Your Income

Generate extra fee income by boosting your billings whilst gaining access to detailed and accredited leads.

Access More Opportunities

Gain access to buyers and sellers ready to go live and conduct business on a broader and larger scale.

Make Your Reputation Known

Collect ratings and reviews enabling you to enhance your online reputation amongst property owners and sellers

Zero Risk

Only pay when the deal completes. We will support you through the software making sure you know how to get the most out of it. 

No Tie Ins

We don’t tie you in to any contracts. We operate a pay-as-you-go option where you can cancel at anytime.

Only The Best

Unlike comparison and lead websites, we monitor the number of agents we partner with in each geographic location, we only partner with the best. This promotes fair competition and provides a first class service to customers.

Our Vision

We Support The Independents

We aim to democratise the industry; giving independent estate agents access to properties that, traditionally, may have gone to larger or online agencies. We believe that local agencies are more important because they care about personal service, therefore we don’t partner with any online agencies.

Using data and reviews, we aspire to place trust at the heart of our marketplace, shining a light on the performance of professional agents.


Simple & Transparent Pricing That’s Great For Cashflow

There is zero risk with us, that’s why we offer a transparent Pay As You Go pricing method.
We never tie you into any contracts! Look at the other tools on the market. We’re the most cost-effective. By far!

Final sale price up to £200k – £199
Final sale price above £200k – £299

Pay only when the sale completes, with nothing to pay if it doesn’t!

*Prices exclude VAT

Only Pre-Qualified Leads

Search The Latest & Hottest Opportunities

Find leads and customers by location or property type, see a detailed specification of the property including property features and photos. Our platform refines and qualifies every lead that comes through before you are notified, minimising time wasted on dead leads.

Work With Great Motivated Customers

Submit Personalised Proposals

Lets customers know how keen you are to sell their property. Your proposal can include your selling fee, the property valuation (subject to visit), the estimated timeframe of sale, upcoming free appointment times, any additional services your agency offers and information about you and your team. Get the chance to tell the customer how great your service is. You can even upload documents, brochures and other materials to complete your proposal.

Develop Your Online Reputation

Keep It Personal

Your proposal gets accepted. Great! The customer’s contact details will be released to you, likewise, yours will be shared with them. You are then free to arrange the initial visit to confirm the property valuation in your proposal, take professional photos and dimensions of the rooms, and most of all get to know your customer to reassure them on the sale of their property.

Secure your Property Deck profile, collect verified reviews from customers, keep your selling history in one place and use it to generate more business in the future.

Get More Qualified Leads

Unlike other referral companies, we don’t believe a client’s readiness for buying or selling can be determined by clicking on a website. We understand that every situation is unique, so we verify each buyer/seller to make sure they are ready to go to market. 

Join Our Community

Lets Change Selling Property For The Better

Be part of something bigger. Join a community that’s working to democratise the industry and improve the buying and selling process for everyone. We’re here to support the independent and local estate agencies. On that basis, we don’t partner with the online agencies and we also monitor competition in each local area to enable everyone to have a good chance of benefitting from our service.

How We Compare

Frequently Asked Questions

At Property Deck, we do more than just forward you the names of people who have clicked on our website. We use big data and behavioural analytics to refine and qualify our leads more deeply, to understand both their likelihood of listing, the timeliness of them listing and the types of characteristics they are seeking in an estate agent. In general we filter out about a 3rd of the leads because we feel they aren’t worthy and are likely to waste everyones time.

Probably not. The Property Deck platform uses a unique combination of big data and behavioural analytics together with our team to qualify the leads that we see. This means we see more behaviour that is proven to generate genuine leads and we’re able to qualify and deliver it to you more quickly. When you use Property Deck, it’s like you’ve got an entire lead identification and qualification team working for you, committed to driving new business your way.

Click the Register Interest button above or below. Alternatively, drop us a message via the contact us page. We’ll set up a phone call to discuss your agency, your motivations and your goals. We only work with the best agents therefore we will ask you to complete a quality questionnaire. We’ll then get your account set up and provide all of the necessary training and familiarisation.

We’ll Give Your A Look Around Our Platform To See How Property Deck Can Work For You!