How Will Estate Agents Market My Home?

You’ve given your home a facelift. You’ve finally signed a great estate agent via Property Deck. Your agent and you have outlined a marketing plan. Now here’s Property Deck’s hot tips on how to make the various estate agent marketing tools work together to make your house stand out from the rest to potential buyers.

1. Professional photography

Happy snaps with your smartphone just won’t cut it when it comes to selling your most important financial asset; professional photography is an absolute must for both traditional and online media. When the photographer or estate agent comes to take the photos, make sure your house is looking fresh and clean: the garden should be well-manicured; all your usual mess needs to be hidden away, and it’s always a good idea to put out some fresh flowers in vases around the house. Also, try to schedule the photography on a bright sunny day, and at a time during the day when the natural light in your house is at its very best.

2. For sale sign

To let people know your property is on the market your estate agent will arrange for a professional sign to be put up. Depending on its size (sometimes you can choose), it might show buyers some interior photos to give an idea of the basic features such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other important details such as inspection dates and contact details for your agent. Pick a spot out the front where your sign will get maximum visibility, won’t block natural light from getting in your windows, and won’t be obstructed by other street signage, bins, cars or trees. Some of the contemporary signs can be illuminated at night, in which case you should pick a spot where you can run a power lead to. This may seem over the top considering it’s not really done in the UK.

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3. Online advertising

These days, before buyers ever get close to your home, they’ll see it on either their phone, tablet or computer. Nearly all buyers will start their search on websites geared towards buyers such as Rightmove or Zoopla, and your estate agent will no doubt make the most of these crucial tools to drive potential buyers to your doorstep. These sites cater for video tours, curate a range of photos, put up floorplans and other features, and best of all help you keep track of exactly how many people have viewed your home on the internet. These are very powerful estate agent marketing tools that you simply cannot afford to do without. Your agent will probably also have their own website where they can show off your home in greater detail, with links back to the major sites. Last but not least, social media is rapidly becoming a very popular means of marketing properties more informally in a way that can and ‘get the word out’ to masses of people very quickly for no extra cost! You should ask your agent to help you take advantage of such channels as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

4. More Traditional Advertising

Even though the vast majority of buyers these days are busy shortlisting properties online through the sites mentioned above, some people still like the look of a glossy agency magazine or local newspaper, and the feel of browsing properties over a pot of hot coffee on the couch. Considering that you don’t want to miss out on any market segment of potential buyers, you should take a close look at the age and lifestyle of the likely buyers in your local area to consider whether traditional print media is worth throwing in the mix.

5. Window displays

It’s guaranteed that some potential buyers still stop on the footpath to check real estate agency windows if they’re ever in the area. With the newer, digital displays in that many agencies have invested in, potential buyers can get a very sophisticated preview of your property on the spot with touch screen technology or even mini video tours. They’re quite literally “windows of opportunity”! Your agent will usually include this in every estate agent marketing package, because it’s a win for them as well.

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