Making The Most Of Open House Viewings

Usually, once all the tricky work of finding an estate agent and working out a marketing plan have been sorted … Oh wait, that was before Property Deck where the estate agents come to you. You can focus on making your home feel warm and beautiful for open house viewings. For obvious reasons open viewings can be a bit annoying (e.g. having to clean the house from head to toe every Saturday morning!), but they are absolutely essential: nobody is going to offer up hundreds of thousands of pounds unless they get a chance to go through your home.

Open house viewings can be notoriously worrying. To help you reduce the stress and make the whole thing run smoothly, Property Deck has put together a list of some important things you can do.

1. Make a clean sweep

When viewing day finally rolls around make sure you’ve already read the articles in our ‘Preparing To Sell‘ section. Then give your property one last big clean and a strict de-clutter, removing all the day to day mess like shoes by the front door, piles of old mail, old pet bowls, etc. Don’t forget all those niggly details either: cleaning inside the oven and tidying cupboards and closets can do a lot for a home.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to hide any small valuables or trinkets you might ordinarily leave lying around. This both de-personalises the space (making it feel more like a blank slate on which potential buyers can build their own personality), but also helps to remove temptation from any light-fingered guests…

2. Do a walk through

This one’s essential. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, and do a walkthrough as a final inspection. On your way through get rid of anything that makes it feel cluttered, but be careful not to leave it empty and unwelcoming.

Will your buyers be impressed by what they see? Are your home’s best features getting the limelight they deserve? If you know you’ll find it hard to be totally objective, try asking a trusted friend (one with good taste!) to do the walk through with you, help you spot any last minute quick fixes you might have missed yourself.

open house viewings

3. Take your temperature

Our experience shows that some buyers get turned off by houses that are either too hot or too cold. It’s important to first air your house out and then try to get the internal temperature just right, depending on the time of day and the season of course. If it’s hot outside, make potential buyers feel fresh and cool when they walk in (not cold); if it’s cool out, make your home feel warm and toasty (not sweaty).

4. Get out of the house

As tempted as you will be, don’t hang around to see how your open house inspections go. Since people will want to scrutinise your property, and you need to let them, it’s best to just go and leave them to it. By doing this you’re letting them tour the house at their leisure, talk honestly with their partners and be open with your estate agent about what they really think of the place.

It’s also a given that you need to take your pets out too. They can leave odours that some find offputting or are even allergic to.

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5. Be flexible with open times

People have busy lives – with meetings that always seem to run late, kids to pick up from all over, and, if you’re a buyer, scores of properties to view each weekend – so the seller (you) need to be a little flexible with open times. That way potential buyers get to squeeze a viewing of your home into their busy schedule. Most agents usually schedule both a weeknight and a weekend viewing, but keep in mind that unexpected inspections can also pop up. That means you need to make sure you keep your property relatively tidy throughout the whole inspection period, so you can do a quick once over if an interested buyer wants to pop in. You also need to be prepared to duck out for an hour on short notice.

6. Welcome the feedback

We have no doubt that after every inspection you’ll be chomping at the bit to hear what the buyers said about your property. Whether it’s a phone call, a face-to-face or a detailed email, it’s very important to really listen to your estate agent’s feedback – even if it’s not everything you wanted to hear. If there are some negative responses in the mix don’t get defensive or disheartened as that won’t help anyone. What will help is talking it through with your agent and planning what you can do to address any of the points raised. This could mean adjusting your price range, mixing up your marketing tactics, or maybe just a handful of easy cosmetic alterations. Listening and acting on these will improve your chances of selling.

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