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Are you starting a business? Are you raising money? Or just curious about the entrepreneur world? You came to the right place.

We’re Matt & Tinashe, Co-founders of Property Deck: we help home buyers and sellers reduce the stress of moving by matching them with a top estate agent. Saving them time, hassle and money, but most of all, getting them the best price.

We are currently coming towards the end of developing our MVP (minimum viable product) with the view to release to the world early 2021. Come and join us on our Odyssey (startup journey) where we plan to ‘Go To Market’, gain traction, raise seed investment and grow exponentially from there. We’ll take you back to 2019 where our idea was first conceived, catch you up to where we are currently and let you know our exciting plans for future growth.

We share all of the tips, tricks and lessons learned along the way along with the failures and successes.

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